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I started Awol Creations, as I've always had a love for art and design. The first mural I painted was in 2015 at the Bondi Sea Wall and after that I was totally hooked. I love expression through art and being able to tell a story through my designs. From concept to install, I love creating unique work. There’s just such an incredible, accomplishing feeling transferring a design from a piece of paper, to a wall that’s hundreds of times it’s size.


After my first mural I went to study. Graduating from the University of Technology Sydney, with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, my design practice has been strengthened immensely. Since then, I’ve worked several years in the Design industry. My first role was for the ‘Design Innovation Research Centre,’ where I had the incredible opportunity to work with a

Juvenile detention centre. Collaborating with youth, Indigenous representatives, colleagues and employees to create a series of orientation material for the centre.

My second role was at a start-up company ‘Lifely,’ a ready-made-meals company. I was the sole Graphic Designer, in charge of all social media marketing, management, creation of branding assets, packaging, labels, EDM’s, and much more.

Since then, I am so very grateful that I am working full time as Awol Creations! Painting and creating, my true love and passion. Having the ability to create, inspire and share art that encapsulates meaning, holding a little piece of the world – I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! The best part is collaborating with amazing people and building relationships, whilst creating something unique and wonderful together.

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